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What Is Geriatrics? Follow These Tips to Stay Healthy as You Age

Getting older is easier when you’re proactive about your health. These tips from a geriatrician will help you understand what geriatrics is, as well as how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle as you age.

In This Article:

  • Geriatrics is the umbrella term that refers to medical care for older adults. Usually, those aged 65 and older are considered seniors — but many people don’t require geriatric care until much later in life.
  • A healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep can enhance quality of life, improve mental and physical health and prevent memory loss in old age.
  • It’s important for family members to watch for loss of function in their loved ones, especially when it comes to driving and taking their medications.

Geriatrics Care

Our geriatricians are here to help you or your loved one stay healthy and happy in every stage of life.