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Stress Relief Ideas to Help in the Workplace

While a little bit of stress at work can keep you on your toes and help you meet new challenges, too much can be bad for your health.

stress relief in workplace

In This Article:

  • Nearly everyone experiences stress, and some of it can even be healthy. But when you are putting too much pressure on your mind and body, it can lead to more serious problems over time.
  • To manage stress, get plenty of exercise, try a relaxing activity like meditation, set goals for yourself and stay connected with friends and family.
  • Be sure you recognize the signs when you’re feeling stressed, like difficulty sleeping, substance use or irritability. Make sure to talk to your doctor if these symptoms are interfering with your daily life.

When you feel stressed, your body automatically goes into survival mode, releasing adrenaline and preparing you for a fight or flight situation. This reaction can save your life if you’re running from a wild animal, but your body can’t tell the difference from when you’re simply feeling overwhelmed at work. Keeping your body in that stressed state for long periods of time takes a toll on your body and mind.

— Kathy Dutridge