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How to Calm the Mind

Whether it’s for better sleep, better focus or reducing stress, tips for calming the mind can come in handy in this hectic world. Here’s what psychology tells us about how to calm the mind.

How to calm the mind

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  • If your mind is feeling cluttered, it’s probably because your living space is cluttered as well. Human psychology has long pointed out that an untidy home or workspace can lead to anxiety, stress, depression, and more.
  • Find a place for everything and keep everything in its place. Store your seasonal items, don’t let mail and bills pile up and dump, donate, sell or recycle your unwanted items.
  • Designate 15 minutes each day or night to cleaning up. It’s better if you have company to help, so have each person in your household also pitch in.

Whether it’s piles of paper, a sink full of dirty dishes, or loads of laundry left unfolded, clutter can have a psychological and physiological impact on a person. Studies even show that clutter can actually increase the stress hormone cortisol.

—Dr. Kevin Lopez