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Inside the Arizona Burn Center: Burn Remedies, Prevention & Recovery

From burn remedies and recovery to prevention methods, the experts at the Arizona Burn Center provide tips to help you make a speedy recovery.

In This Article:

  • As the largest burn center in the West — and the only nationally verified facility in the state — the Arizona Burn Center treats thousands of local and regional patients each year.
  • Burns are usually caused by scalding or flames from cooking, industrial jobs or recreational activities. Other common causes include explosions, as well as burns from Arizona’s summer heat.
  • At-home burn remedies can help you stop the burning process before you get to the hospital. Extinguish flames with the stop, drop and roll method. Run the injury under room temperature water. Do NOT use ice. Cover the burn with a clean, dry dressing.

Burn Care

The Valleywise Health Arizona Burn Center is the only nationally verified burn center in the region, always ready to provide expert burn remedies for a quick recovery.