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Looking for adolescent health care in the Valley? We’re here to provide a tailored health care experience for your teen.

Find adolescent health care for your teen at Valleywise Health

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a critical stage of life. At Valleywise Health, we provide adolescent health care to help your teen live their happiest, healthiest life. So, how can we set our kids up for long-term success as they become teenagers and beyond? Here is how Valleywise Health can help your child navigate adolescence.

Health services for teens

Adolescence is the period of transition between childhood and adulthood. It is an important stage of development and includes some big changes — to the body and the way a young person interacts with the world.

We understand how stressful it can be for both children and their families during this time. We created a health care experience — along with comprehensive health services for adolescents — that grows and evolves with your teen. Our team members work with your child to establish lifelong healthy behaviors, addressing any physical and emotional concerns.

As part of our dedication to providing exceptional health care, Valleywise Comprehensive Health Center – Phoenix transformed its Adolescent Clinic into a youth-friendly environment. We were one of only a few health centers in Arizona to receive the Gold Level Certification as an Adolescent-Center Environment from the University of Michigan’s Adolescent Health Initiative in collaboration with the Arizona Family Health Partnership.

Common health concerns during adolescence

Teenagers often work through a broad range of issues as they move into adulthood. They may have to deal with changes to their bodies or maybe thinking about having their first relationship. Young people may even explore their gender identity or want more independence from their families. Here are a few issues facing teens today:

  • Body image. Teens are at risk of developing a negative body image, or the way you think and feel about your appearance. This can put teens at higher risk of depression and eating disorders.
  • Smoking and drugs. Many young people are pressured into smoking and drugs during this time. Smoking leads to side effects like reduced lung function and heart disease.
  • Gender identity. Teenage years are a time when many young people begin to reflect on their gender identity. Worrying about where you can “fit in” can often cause anxiety and stress.

Children and their parents often struggle with changing dynamics during adolescence. Keep in mind you still play a critical role during this time. Here are a few things you can during this transition period:

  • Start early conversations about important topics. Maintain open communication about healthy relationships, sex and substance use. Starting these conversations early will build the framework for discussions later.
  • Discuss risky behaviors and their consequences. This can help teens prepare for when situations arise in the future.
  • Honor individuality and independence. This is all part of becoming an adult. Remind your child that you are always there to help.

If you have questions about adolescent health care, visit Valleywise Comprehensive Health Center – Phoenix or call 1 (833) VLLYWSE to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment.



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