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Flu Facts 101

When it comes to the flu, the best defense is a good offense. Proper cleaning and hand-washing, getting vaccinated and avoiding contact with infected persons are all proactive steps you can take to sidestep the flu this year.

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The dangers of sharing prescription medications

Look in your medicine cabinet and you’ll see every prescription bottle includes a label with the name of the drug, the dosage, instructions, and perhaps most importantly, the name of the patient for which it’s intended.

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How to Determine Your Max Heart Rate

Having more knowledge about your heart rate is a great way to monitor overall health and condition. The American Heart Association recommends these simple techniques for learning your max and resting heart rate.

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Are Energy Drinks Safe?

Energy drinks have been around for decades. However, a growing body of research has shown that energy drinks can have serious negative health consequences, especially for children and young adults.

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